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All-on-Four Dental Implants in Phoenix

Need the strength of a dental implant with the simplicity of a bridge?

If so you’re in luck: All-on-Four dental implants in Phoenix can replace an entire arch of teeth using just four dental posts. 24th Street Dental Biltmore can create a new look that will leave you grinning ear-to-ear with the some of the most seamless All-on-Four dental implants Phoenix has to offer!

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Put simply, All-on-Four is a quicker, more economical alternative to individual dental implants. Our mouths contain dozens of teeth, and in the dental world time is money: the length of time needed for each tooth to complete an implant can be long, and if bone density is an issue the wait time becomes even longer.

Not so with All-on-Four, whose titanium posts are designed to be installed at an angle, allowing for greater variety of placement within the jawbone, lessening the chance of rejection.

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A small incision is made underneath the gum line in order to access your jawbone. Your cosmetic dentist in Phoenix will then carefully implant the titanium posts. After a few months of healing, the posts are ready to have an archway of teeth attached to them.

You want to keep your mouth fresh and healthy, so in addition to routine brushing and flossing we recommend practicing oral hygiene specific to your dental work. Water and bridge flossers can help remove food particles that may trap underneath your archway, and it’s extremely important to stay on top of this:

  • Inflammation of the gums can occur
  • Bacterial decay can lead to bad breath
  • Always keep routine dental checkups to prevent problems from starting
  • Never hesitate to call us if you experience discomfort or pain

For the best All-on-Four dental implants in Phoenix, please call 24th Street Dental Biltmore; we’re eager to help!

Does it always take a few months for All-on-Four implants to heal?

While you may have seen ads promising same-day All-on-Four dental implants in Phoenix, it’s only the half-truth.

Yes, once your posts have had sufficient time to heal, an entire archway of teeth can be attached in a single visit, but this does not negate the time needed for the posts to fuse into your jawbone. In other words, there is no shortcut when it comes to the healing of your bones and gums, but this wait is minimal given the many years your new smile will last.

“What an AWESOME staff! From the minute you walk in, you are welcomed by the super friendly front office staff. Dr. Turner's assistant, Tabatha, is amazing! She is very thorough during my visits and makes sure all my questions are answered. Above all, she is just the sweetest!”

— Erica S.

“I went to see Dr. Turner based on a recommendation from a friend. I was not disappointed. I had broken a previously chipped (and capped) tooth and the results were amazing and the procedure was smooth as can be. I have issues with some other teeth and will be back to have those resolved”

— Eddie N.

“The people who work at this practice are welcoming and helpful. They answered all of my questions and responded quickly with my insurance questions. My hygienist Nicole did a wonderful job! She made me feel comfortable right away and took good care of me. If you're looking for a new dentist, go check out Dr. Turner and Nicole!”

— Laryssa S.

“Going through my invisalign treatment here. They have the best staff and service, especially Nicole who is very helping and caring. Highly recommend to anyone considering Invisalign or anything dental.”

— BK C.

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