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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) are innovative services in the field of general dentistry, providing a range of benefits to oral health and healing. These treatments involve using a patient’s own blood platelets to accelerate healing and regeneration in various dental procedures. PRP and PRF are particularly effective in promoting faster recovery post-surgery, enhancing bone regeneration in dental implants, and improving outcomes in periodontal therapy. Suitable for a wide array of patients, these services are especially beneficial for those undergoing complex dental procedures or those with slower healing processes. By concentrating platelets, which are key components in the body’s natural healing process, PRP and PRF therapies significantly improve tissue repair and regeneration.

For residents in Phoenix, AZ seeking advanced dental care, 24th Street Dental Biltmore offers expert PRP and PRF treatments. These therapies are typically recommended on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific dental procedure and individual healing needs. Consultations are recommended at 24th Street Dental Biltmore to determine the appropriate frequency of PRP/PRF treatments for their unique dental health needs. Contact us today to enhance your oral health and recovery with PRP/PRF therapy.

Benefits of PRP/PRF


Individuals undergoing dental surgeries, such as implants or periodontal therapy, and those with slower healing processes are ideal candidates for PRP/PRF.

Patients can expect faster healing, reduced inflammation, and improved outcomes in dental procedures.

The frequency of PRP/PRF treatments varies based on individual needs and the specific dental procedure. A personalized plan is best determined during a consultation.

PRP/PRF has minimal downtime and side effects, as it uses the patient’s own blood components, making it a safe and compatible treatment option.

Before and after PRP/PRF treatment, follow your dentist’s instructions, which may include maintaining oral hygiene and avoiding certain medications.

During PRP/PRF treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn, processed to concentrate platelets, and then applied to the treatment area to aid in healing and regeneration.

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