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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a popular cosmetic dental service to enhance your smile’s brightness and appearance. We offer two types of advanced whitening systems: Kor and Opalescence. These whitening systems are designed to safely and effectively lighten the color of your teeth. The process involves applying a whitening agent to the teeth, which breaks down stains and discoloration, resulting in a brighter smile. This treatment is suitable for individuals looking to remove surface stains caused by foods, drinks, smoking, or age. Teeth Whitening is important not only for cosmetic reasons but also for boosting self-confidence and maintaining good oral hygiene. The frequency of the treatment varies depending on individual needs and the specific whitening system used, but it typically ranges from one session every six months to a few years.

For those in Phoenix, AZ, looking to brighten their smile, 24th Street Dental Biltmore offers expert Teeth Whitening services. Our skilled dentists are dedicated to providing a safe and effective whitening experience using top-of-the-line systems. Book an appointment today and take the first step toward a more radiant and confident smile.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:


Ideal candidates are those with healthy teeth and gums who want to improve the brightness of their smile.

You can expect noticeably whiter and brighter teeth, though results vary based on individual teeth condition and the type of whitening system used.

The frequency depends on the system used and your personal habits, but generally, treatments range from every six months to a few years.

There is no downtime. Some may experience temporary sensitivity, but side effects are generally minimal.

Before treatment, a dental check-up is recommended. After treatment, avoid foods and drinks that can stain teeth for at least 48 hours.

During the treatment, a whitening agent is applied to your teeth. The procedure is pain-free, and you can relax while the treatment works to brighten your smile.

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